How Buffy Taylor became ~buffy the emerging artist.

After moving to Raleigh, NC in April 2016, I began pursuing my artistic aspirations and have been fully immersed in that endeavor ever since. 


Starting out, I aspired to create murals and paint canvases but also experimented with other materials and substrates for personal growth. 


I took many classes around the Raleigh-Durham (RDU)/Research Triangle Park (RTP) North Carolina area, including workshops at Pullen and Sertoma Art Centers, Jerry’s Artarama, Artspace, Durham Art Guild (DAG), Imurj, the Art of the Carolinas, joined a 5 week Creative Accountability Group for Women+ in Chapel Hill, and signed up for eCourses. I also regularly attend meetups for East Wake Visual Artists in Zebulon, Artbudz in the Triangle area, and AIGA Raleigh.


During my original quest to improve artistic acumen the idea of an artist having a "style" was introduced. Five months later I took a weekend long Intuitive Painting workshop and it immediately clicked. When painting canvases that is my default style unless I am working on another series or commissions. 


My early intuitive paintings include EpiphanyThe Voices in My HeadTranquil-a-SeaGo with the Flow, and Artemis with several more works in progress.

Having a naturally inquisitive nature, I enjoy exploring new things which lead to new opportunities and sometimes new opportunities lead to new ways of making art.


On the topic of style: As an emerging artist I found my first style but other ways of making art still piqued my curiosity, so, my explorations continued. That is when I realized an artist can have more than one style, and can have more than one body of work within those styles.

As a whole, my body of work is uniquely identifiable. Collectively it contributes to a consistent brand while remaining independent.

Beginning year 4, I have an ever-expanding diverse portfolio. 


Examples include:  interior & exterior murals, face & body painting, costume/fashion design, painted & graphically designed clothing/shoes, print on demand products imprinted with my original art, logos, printmaking, oil painting, ink wash, alcohol and acrylic ink works and more.

Exposure to new concepts and ways of making nourishes my creative thinking process. As I evolve so too does the art I create. 



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