About: My Style


Early in my learning phase the idea of an artist having a trademark style or brand was introduced. With each ensuing workshop, I searched for that elusive “artistic style” that would eventually become my own. 


Then I found it. In mid-July 2017, five months into my artistic journey – learning every method thought to help improve my craft – I signed up for a 2-day workshop for Intuitive Painting. During that workshop, I was fascinated by the process of abstract mark making. The experience of bringing hidden images into existence from within the abstract was magical.


I quickly realized that a dozen other people could look at the same abstract and each would see something different. The idea that no other individual could create the same painting I did from the same abstract base filled me with awe. It really is a reflection of who I am. Whatever came out of that abstract is every bit a part of me, my personality, my spirit, and the experiences I've had, My unconscious thoughts all manifest on that canvas.


After the workshop, I continued to work on my first painting at home. I poured all of me into that painting. Truthfully I became obsessed with it. Sometimes spending 15 hour days over the course of 2 months getting it just right. All in all, I put more than 300 hours into that first intuitive painting. Yes, I was new and perhaps slower than a more practiced artist but this painting had me in its grips. 


Throughout the process I was asked "when will it be done?" or "how will you know when it's done?" the best answer I could give was "when it's done" and "I will just know".  


When I paint, it is akin to a spiritual connection to my work, I see but I don't just depend on my eyes. I feel it at a much deeper level. When I look at the piece and experience a rush from deep within my heart and soul I know it is right.  


I named that first painting Epiphany because while working on it I realized this was not only my calling, I had finally found my artistic style.

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