Art Beats #6


Call for art

In August 2018 there was a call for art asking artists to create sidewalk mural installations for Downtown Art Beats. I answered that call. 


If you'd like to know more, you may read about the original call via the below links. (links will open in new window).


artspace Downtown Art Beats (web)


artspace Downtown Art Beats (PDF)



Soon afterward, I was notified that I was one of sixteen artists selected for the call. I was assigned the month of November to complete my installation. 



It was suggested that one of the pieces in my portfolio - a pop-art style piece featuring a figure with blue hair with layers of flat color in the background - would work really well in the medium they would be providing and I was asked if I would like to create something similar. That painting was one of my intuitive paintings titled "Go With The Flow".



Of course, I was thrilled for the chance to create a similar style for the mural design and expressed that in reply. Now that I had a design direction I was asked to provide a rendering prior to the start date.

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