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Public Art: Murals & Installations
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Title: Flo'
Exterior Mural: 

This mural represents a strong confident woman on a jovial stroll. She’s having fun while listening to music.. 

Installation Location:  

Painted on a Salisbury Street sidewalk directly behind the Marriott and across from the Raleigh Convention Center, downtown Raleigh, NC

Behr tinted Porch & Deck paint on cement sidewalk.

9.5’ h x 7.5' w = 71.25 sf

Date/s Created: 
November 16, 2018 - November 25, 2018.

I submitted examples of my previous work when I applied to this call for art. It was suggested that my pop-art style piece featuring a figure with blue hair and layers of flat color in the background would work really well in the medium they would be providing. I was asked if I would like to create something similar. Of course, I was thrilled for the chance to do so.


Which makes the inspiration for this mural one of my intuitive paintings titled "Go With The Flow" - a colorful form with whimsical design elements to pique the imaginations of those gazing down at the ground when they walk by.


My aim was to create a character that one might see while walking in Raleigh. My hope was to infuse a little fun via vibrant color and imagery onto the path of pedestrians walking along the sidewalk as they navigated their way through downtown Raleigh. I wanted them to stop and say “wow!” rather than blindly passing by.

Call for art


Downtown Art Beats Sidewalk Intervention
Art Beats #6

In August 2018 there was a call for art asking artists to create sidewalk mural installations for Downtown Art Beats. I answered that call. Soon afterward, I was notified that I was one of sixteen artists selected for the call and had been assigned the month of November to complete the installation. But first, I was asked to provide a digital rendering prior to the start date.


If you'd like to know more, read about the original call.


(link will open in new window).


artspace Downtown Art Beats (PDF)


Given that I have a graphic design background vs. fine arts my style of painting people resembles animated characters more than realistic portraits of human beings.

In the artwork I admire most artists depicted people in a style completely their own using exaggerated forms and non-descriptive colors. Like those artists, I prefer to capture the essence of the character that hopefully elicits a positive emotional response. I like when people tell me they look at my paintings and feel something as a result. So it is true with this character, I wanted people to look at her and feel happiness.

When painting a mural at Imurj in April 2018 the highest compliment paid to me was that others saw themselves or people they knew when they looked at the figures painted in the scene. That’s what I want for Flo. I look at her and am instantly reminded of at least three friends. Not because her features resemble them physically but because there is this spark I see in her that I see in them.  I love that spark in them, and I love seeing that spark in her. 


Final Thought

For me personally, I see a character infused with my own inner spirit.

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