Artist Statement


My entire life I’ve created all manner of artful projects. In earlier days, it was to appease my own inner desire. I cultivated a true passion for visual arts during my academic career especially in my University years. 


Three years after graduating college I became an emerging visual artist. Since then I have used a variety of mediums, substrates, tools and processes to create art as I searched for my niche/style. Though I continue to learn and experiment in order to create art – paint is my primary medium and with it I've painted canvases, people, clothes, objects, and murals


On canvas, I’ve created paintings that have become the beginnings of several bodies of work in the early stages of creation, with several more bodies still in the concept phase.


Most of the art I’ve made since 2018 is comprised of vibrantly colorful, flat graphic, pop art intermixed with design elements including modernized hints of cubism, fauvism, and street art, infused with my own unique contemporary style. I’m developing my own whimsical collection of artistically rendered diverse characters representing a full range of citizens. Some are comic style human characters, some are anthropomorphized animal characters, some are cartoonish animals, and some are completely imaginary forms with animated expressions. 


As a girl, painting murals was an elusive goal. My first real chance to paint a small indoor mural was the Spring of 2018. When that happened, I was still figuring out my art career. My second opportunity to was in the late fall of 2018. Having completed that one I realized I wanted to create more public art. I started answering calls and applying for residencies, grants, and fellowships in pursuit of that goal.


In the interim I am painting portfolio pieces.