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Finding My Flo'

Very soon after painting “Go With The Flow” I knew the figure featured in it would be called Flo’, short for flow, not Florence. In fact, as I was painting "Go With the Flow" I was already informally referring to the female in it as Flo’ because even though she was a fictitious character created from my imagination for me she became real.


When I created the digital rendering for the Downtown Art Beats Sidewalk Intervention Call for Art she really came alive. 

Who is Flo'?

I’ve been asked whom she represents. This is not up to me to define. Being that paintings are meant to appeal to a wide audience, the narratives can be many and they can be varied. By not defining her, I am preserving the ability for her to be anyone anywhere in modern and possibly even future times.


In the original painting, I had no real objective except to create art.  Being that the painting was intuitive I let it lead me where I needed to go. I firmly believe that she told me whom she wanted to be. I just listened. 


What’s her story?

She could be leaving work at sunset, on her way to meet friends, on her way to a date, on her way to work, on her way to meet clients for a drink.  She could be an entrepreneur, a musician, a singer… I really could go on and on. 


She can be any one of those people in any one of those or unlimited scenarios.  

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