Go With The Flow


"Go with the Flow" is a sort of play on words because it has multiple meanings. 


Visual references acknowledge: 


  • The flow of lava behind the figure in the foreground. 

  • The water in the background, which also flows. 

  • Her blue hair (painted to complement the water) with curly locks, resembles flowing waves. 


Intangible aspects reference:


  • The title reflects the figure’s chill attitude despite the chaos surrounding her. 

  • She is calm, cool, and collected even in the face of volatility, a reference to the lava presumably flowing from a volcanic eruption somewhere in the background. 


As a name:


  • Phonetically Flow sounds like a woman’s name. 

  • For me, that figure came alive.

  • It made perfect sense to drop the "w" and call her Flo’

  • When I refer to the painting I use "her" or "she" not "it". 


The concept of flow:


  • A flow state is an optimal state of consciousness where one feels and performs their best.

  • It is equivalent to athletes being "in the zone".

  • flow involves being completely involved in an activity.

  • The ego falls away.

  • Time flies.

  • Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one. 

  • Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.

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