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Public Art: Murals & Installations
Title: Raleigh. The Journey & The Destination.

Digital Design:
This Raleigh themed graphic art style digital art concept was printed and installed on a signal box cabinet   
Digital art printed onto vinyl then installed on site

approx. 4’ h * 2' w * 1.5' deep 

Installation Location/s: 

Intersection of Johnson and Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, North Carolina, June 2023.

"Raleigh. The Journey & The Destination." Digital mockup.


The city of Raleigh. My personal experiences while visiting and living there. Other murals I've created and installed in Raleigh and surrounding counties.  


I updated, enhanced, and reimagined some of my previous murals/paintings to include in this 4-sided design. 

The panels all give insight to my own story. My journey through North Carolina on a solo motorcycle roadtrip in 2009, my journey to North Carolina (to live) in 2016, my experiences since coming here, my journey as an artist & muralist. 

Having said all that, the images can tell anyones story. The whole concept speaks to the vibe, the culture, and the life-style all around the city of Raleigh. 


I titled this piece "Raleigh. The Journey & The Destination" because I wanted to expand on the saying it's not the destination it's the journey... except in this instance it's both. 

Date/s Created: 

Digital art created January , 2023. Installation by vendor RAD Graphics June 9, 2023.

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