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Public Art: Collaborations

"Greetings from Benson", exterior mural.

Title: Greetings from Benson

Exterior Mural: 

This mural collaboration is an interpretation of an old fashioned postcard for the town Benson.


Benjamin Moore exterior latex paint on stucco wall.

12’ h  x 27’ w 

Installation Location: 

Neighbors & Associates building, Benson, NC


Originally, inspiration came from the call for art, the rest came during the research and discovery phase while looking into what made Benson unique.


Located half a mile from the crossroads of I95 & I40, makes it a natural hub for commerce and area gatherings. Agricultural and farming are highlighted with the team of mules, tobacco, and sweet potato farms. The cultural draw of Benson is represented by the singing figures, musical instruments, and a violinist.  The railroad and train fill the right side of the mural as significant to Benson’s establishment and ongoing growth. Historical buildings and local landmarks include the State Singing Convention, Benson Museum of Local History, Mary Duncan Public Library, and the oldest Mule Barn.



We took a divide and conquer approach to painting this mural. Meaning we divided up sections of the concept art and painted together separately.  

Date/s Created: 
Original brainstorming, research, concept art, Art Advisory board meetings, official site visit, design revisions, and paint selection: September 15, 2020, gridding, sketching, and painting mural: October 6, 2020 - November 5, 2020.
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