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Public Art: Murals & Installations
Title: Ladies Night

Interior Mural: 

The mural is located in a bar/music venue/studio/collaborative art space for all disciplines of the arts. The design visually represents “All are welcome here” which speaks to the vibe of the space, and the diversity of its artist members, performers, and attendees. 

Installation Location:  

Painted at Imurj. Downtown Raleigh, NC

Acrylic paint on gessoed metal stall wall.

6' * 6' = 36 sf

Date/s Created: 
April 3, 2018 - May 4, 2018.

"Ladies Night", Interior mural.


Originally, inspiration came from charcoal drawings I did at this venue during drink and draw nights. (01/16/2018, 11/29/2017, 10/18/2017,  10/17/2017)

But as I considered development of each character, inspiration came from observing the people in that space: the employees, artists, art supporters, community, and attendees of various events. 

The same is true for the band in the upper corner. It was inspired by bands that were performing while I was painting the mural.


This mural was my visual way of expressing "Y'all are Welcome Here" and "Y'all" means everyone. It was just as much about immigrants, gay rights, and the bathroom law as it was about embracing all races, cultures, religions, and genders. 


The women I painted were meant to reflect the myriad of users of that stall. They could be Transgender/gay/bi/lesbian/straight and identify as she/her or whatever. In fact, while working on the first character a trans woman was ecstatic I had included someone she felt represented her.


Her response inspired me to represent other groups too. The second character I painted evolved as she did because during the time period I was painting, an exhibit being installed on the main gallery wall was for artists over sixty. That is why the hair for the second character (far right) is in shades of grey and she is wearing fancy readers. While painting the third character the venue was rented by muslims from the Lighthouse Group for an event. I decided at that point my characters should represent them so I clothed her in a hijab. The fourth character was inspired by the burlesque shows performed in the space as well as the performers themselves who modeled for us during drink and draw nights. The fourth character is meant to be nondescript. Since the other characters exhibited sultry feminine and modest qualities I thought it fair to include one who was more masculine. 

As for the band and stage they are loosely painted with minimal detail to suggest the vibe of the space without stealing the show (so to speak) from the ladies in the forefront.



The mural was on a wheel chair accessible stall in the women's room at a creative space and bar. The metal stall wall was pre gessoed for me, I just had to paint it. Being that it was a small interior wall protected from damaging elements, I used acrylic paint.


If you'd like to view process photos I created an album on the @CopesAesthetic fb page.

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