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Public Art: Murals & Installations
Title: Movement

Building Mural:
This movement themed graphic art style mural painting was created at the request of Laura Johnson, owner of Moveology, LLC. in downtown Clayton, NC.  
Exterior latex paint.

60’ * 14’ = 840 sf 

Installation Location/s: 

Moveology, 215 E Main St., Clayton, North Carolina, November 8, 2022 - present.

"Movement" mural at Movelology.


Inspiration comes from a combination of ideas expressed to me by Laura in our initial meeting, observations I made while walking the local greenway after we met, and a bit of online research when I returned home that day.


The overall theme is inspired by the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse. Some of the character's characteristics are inspired by actual people and dog I filmed on the greenway. The rest are my own creations that are ever evolving. Those imaginary characters are altered from project to project so that each iteration - while similar overall - differs enough to make them unique to specific locations and themes.  


Because her store is located in downtown Clayton and the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse is part of the Mountains to the Sea Trail with the location of the Sam's Branch Greenway Trailhead easily accessible to the downtown Clayton area Laura expressed a desire for the mural to show the trail with people demonstrating various ways the trail is used.


Some things she mentioned to include were a bicyclist, someone walking a dog or pushing a stroller, and the greenway bridge because it was highly recognizable. With that in mind I drove down to the Clayton River Walk and walked first in one direction and then doubled back and walked the other way. While walking I observed the river, the greenway bridge, cyclists, a dog walking couple, moms with baby carriages, and more.


When I later googled activities that could be done in Clayton I found fishing and kayaking and knew I could strategically place those activities within the same scene as the people being active on the river walk. 


Bearing all this in mind I digitally rendered the scene onto a photo of the building using a flat graphic art style that I'm known for.


The title "Movement" comes from the activity in the scene: picturing people, animals, fish, bikes, a carriage, kayaks, the sun, river, even the abstract greenery in the midst of moving. It's also a nod to the name of the store Moveology whose owner commissioned me for this piece. 

Date/s Created: 

Site Visit, brainstorming & research September 28-30,2022. Concept art October 3, 2022 - October 7, 2022. Public Arts Advisory Board Meeting October 18, 2022. Revised concept art October 19, 2022.  Town Meeting November 7, 2022. Doodle grid, sketching, mural painting, and top coat application November 8, 2022 --  December 29, 2022.

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