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Services: Mural Painting

I am a North Carolina based muralist but will travel to other locations for mural paintings.


Curious? Feel free to view samples of my previous projects.


Would you like to speak to me about a project but want more information first? Try the FAQ section. Still have questions? Feel free to contact me.

Are you an artist that would like to collaborate with me on a mural project? I'm interested! Send me a message.


What kind of environments can you paint?

I paint interior and exterior murals for any environment;

  • academic environments

  • hospitals & health care facilities

  • non-profits

  • for-profits

  • secular

  • non-secular

  • corporate

  • private residence

  • restaurants 

  • bars

  • public spaces

  • parks and recreation

  • senior living

  • entertainment venues


What types of surfaces would you paint  ?

I paint murals/muralettes on any surfaces, including:

  • sidewalks

  • bus stops

  • benches

  • utility boxes

  • newspaper stands

  • streets

  • stair cases (risers)

  • ceilings, walls, & floors

  • windows

  • boulders 

  • pool bottoms 

If you have a space in mind that is not listed, chances are that it too can be painted and I will be happy to paint it for you. 

When can I contact you to book a mural?

You may contact me anytime to book your mural. I paint indoor murals year-round. I can also create mockups for outdoor murals during the off-season in preparation for the at wall painting sessions (weather permitting). 

What is the ideal date range for painting outdoor murals?

I paint outdoor murals spring through late fall (with the temperature range between 50 - 95 degrees F) 

If you want an outdoor mural and the current weather in your location happens to be outside of that range don’t let that stop you from reaching out! Regardless of weather, we can always begin conversations that communicate your needs and allow me to mock up a design for your review.

After the design is approved, we can schedule painting for a future date when conditions are more favorable.

How does the design process work?

First, I’ll ask that you describe your vision with as much detail as possible. That will give me a better feel for what you would like. The more information the better! You will not stifle my creativity with too much direction. Optionally, sharing a brand guide, Google images, or inspiration photos from Pinterest are also great ways to better inform my decisions. Depending on complexity and size it can take up to five business days to create the mockup

Second, I like to understand the space so I will visit the site, if it is an interior space or not easily accessible, I will make appropriate arrangements for access. At that visit I will get a better understanding of what needs planning around (fixtures, immovable objects, landscaping, hardscaping, lighting, access to water &/or electricity, where to load/unload supplies and equipment, whether there will be pedestrian movement around the space, parking logistics, etc.). If one is not provided beforehand I will photograph the surface to be painted to use while creating a full mockup of the art concept in situ.


Third, you will pay me a small design fee to create the art concept. Typically that can take up to five business days. I create concepts as a digital rendering that I overlay onto a photograph of your space to mock-up what the final painting will look like before we start. From that, you will give me feedback. If needed, up to 2 more revisions are included in the design fee, after the first mock-up.


*Rarely, if ever, have I needed to create more than three mock-ups. If, in the off-chance that happens with you, no worries more mock-ups can be made for additional fees.


Fourth, we will schedule a start date.


Fifth, payment for the mural is divided into three installments for larger jobs or two for smaller projects. Be it two or three installments, I will submit an invoice prior to each installment due. The first invoice will be submitted immediately after concept art for the murals is approved. The first installment covers procurement of paint, supplies, and if needed travel and must be paid at least two weeks prior to the scheduled start date. *this is important because paint orders may take extra time.


If it is three installments the second will be paid midway through the project. The final payment is due on the last day of painting. 

How much does a mural cost?

There are different ways to price mural work. The model I use is a combination of tiers and square feet (sf = height * width of painting surface).

Generally tier 1 = a simple level of detail, small wall, tier 2 = medium level of detail, mid sized wall, tier 3 = higher level of detail, complex design, larger wall. 

That said... I can create a mural for any budget! There are ways to create a simpler design to save time and money. Want to get to the bottom line first? Ask for a pricing sheet..


Does the surface of the wall matter?

Yes. Painting on brick or corrugated metal will add to the total project timeline but any surface can be primed and painted! Also, deeply grooved surfaces require a certain amount of ingenuity when painting details. Sometimes enlarging the scale so that smaller details are not lost in the grooves helps, other times painting less detail in the grooved areas is the answer. That is why, if it is possible, I like to see the space in person before creating the art concept so I can plan for the trouble spots if there are any.

Will the finished mural look exactly like the concept art/digital rendering?

As a gentle reminder the final painted version may have subtle differences from the digital version. Paint colors may be shades different from the computer model, wall surfaces may require some adaptation to the design, lighting (natural or man-made) may alter the appearance of colors, and sometimes in the midst of painting other factors play a role in how the final outcome appears.


What if my request is outside of your purview?

There are different ways of handling that scenario. If it is a matter of painting a representation of some thing or someone that is not currently in my portfolio then then my answer is: if I can create a digital rendering of your request, I can paint whatever is in that rendering.


If your request is that I paint your space using a medium I have no experience with, for example spray paint, then I will find another artist to collaborate with. Otherwise, If I end up not being the best fit for your project, I can almost guarantee that I’ll be able to point you in the right direction! It’s highly likely that one of my art world connections has the specialty you need at the right price point. 

Who owns the art?

The art is the Intellectual Property of the artist (me). Artist retains ownership to all copyrights and reproduction rights of the artwork.  

What if I'd like to sell products with the mural printed on them?

I'm happy to speak with you about licensing the artwork. I'll set up time to speak with you to answer questions such as what specific products you would like to sell or whatever else is relevant. I will then email you a "Deal Memo". Note: licensee gets rights to use the digital art for terms specified in deal memo and subsequent contract but licensor (artist) keeps copyrights. 

I'd like to see more of your process, Is that possible?

I have photos on my sample mural page that links to full descriptions of a few projects. In those descriptions I link to additional process photos (typically in albums on my business Facebook page @CopesAesthetic) and I also link to my YouTube channel where you may watch some time lapse videos made during painting.

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