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I’ve been asked whom she represents. This is not up to me to define. Being that paintings are meant to appeal to a wide audience, the narratives can be many and they can be varied. By not defining her, I am preserving the ability for her to be anyone anywhere in modern and possibly even future times.


In the original painting, I had no real objective except to create art.  Being that the painting was intuitive I let it lead me where I needed to go. I firmly believe that she told me whom she wanted to be. I just listened. 


What’s her story?

She could be leaving work at sunset, on her way to meet friends, on her way to a date, on her way to work, on her way to meet clients for a drink.  She could be an entrepreneur, a musician, a singer… I really could go on and on. 


She can be any one of those people in any one of those or unlimited scenarios.  

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