Go With The Flow

Painting: Go With The Flow

This section presents a complete analysis of my "Go With The Flow" painting. If you have not yet read the section about Intuitive Painting I suggest you do so to better understand the process of creating this piece.


If you are curious, you might find the section explaining how this process became "my style" interesting. Feel free to look that over as well.


The next two sections give you a detailed explanation of decisions made throughout the process.


If you would like to see the process visually evolve I have uploaded selected photos to an album on my ~buffy @CopesAesthetic facebook page: fb.me/CopesAesthetic 


They are also posted to my @CopesAesthetic.Design Instagram page but I posted them as I was painting so the photos are intermixed with other posts to my gallery and it may be harder to find them (especially the earlier mark making stages when they were still very much abstract paintings).

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