If you want a mural: indoor murals can be booked year round and outdoor murals can be booked spring through late fall (with the temperature range between 50 - 95 degrees F) 


If you want an outdoor mural and the current weather in your location happens to be outside of that range don’t let that stop you from reaching out!


We can begin conversations to help me mock up a design for you to review. After the design is approved we can schedule painting for a future date when conditions are more favorable.

Sample work:

Standard mural Q&A's:

How much does a mural cost?

Pricing is per square foot (sf = height x width of painting surface). When you contact me I will provide you with my pricing sheet giving much more detail

That said... I can create a mural for any budget!


How does the design process work?

First, I’ll ask that you describe your vision with as much detail as possible and provide image examples. Search Google or Pinterest for ideas similar to those that you envision in your mind to give me a better feel of what you would ike. The more information the better! You will not stifle my creativity with too much direction.


Second, I will design a mock-up based on your input and then get your feedback. There will be a small design fee which covers 2 revisions after the first mock-up. 


Does the surface of the wall matter?

Yes. Painting on brick or corrugated metal will add a few hours to the total project timeline but any surface can be primed and painted!

NOTE: If I end up not being the best fit for your project I can almost guarantee that I’ll be able to point you in the right direction! It’s highly likely that one of my art world connections has the specialty you need at the right price point. 

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